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This is a vibrant personalised edible Baby Mickey Mouse fondant sugar paste cake topper with name/age included. The item measures 5.5 inches. Available with or without matching accessories to decorate around the cake or cupcakes. Please note if you select no extras from the drop down menu you are purchasing the main cake topper plus 1 name and age only.


Small Complete Set:

Mickey Mouse


Age on a 2 inch black heart

30 stars

6 mini accessories (pants,shoes, silhouettes, hands)


Large Complete Set:

Mickey Mouse


Age on a 2 inch black heart

60 stars

12 mini accessories - 3 each of pants, shoes, hands and silhouettes.


Totally transforms a plain cake into something eye catching!



Mickey Mouse Cake Topper Edible.

  • We use pure gum tragacanth rather than the synthetic tylose when making our designs ensuring the best quality and detail are achieved each and every time. 

    All purchases are made fresh to order. They are then set to dry in a dehydrator. Once dry they are finished off in a variety of ways - hand painted, dusted, glittered, shimmered, glued and finally they are steamed which brings out the colours and adds a beautiful sheen to the finished product.

    The items are carefully packaged in bubble wrap and eco friendly  packing peanuts to ensure they arrive safely. 

    Colours may vary slightly from images shown due to lighting conditions when photographing.

    We hold a current food hygiene and allergy certificate and all items are made to the highest standards. We are a registered business with our local council.

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